Corker, et al. v. Costco Wholesale Corporation, et al.
Kona Coffee Farmers Settlement

Settlement Benefits

Under the Proposed Settlements, the Settling Defendants will make a total payment of $13,105,750. BCC will make a payment of $1,125,000. Cameron’s will make a payment of $4,900,000. Copper Moon will make a payment of $360,000. Cost Plus will make a payment of $200,000. MCC will make a payment of $420,750. Gold will make a payment of $6,100,000. The Settlement Amount will be distributed to Settlement Class Members on a pro-rata basis (as calculated by Settlement Class Members’ reported sales volumes), less Court-awarded attorneys’ fees and expenses and service awards to the Class Representatives, and less any voluntary contributions for the benefit of the Kona region.

The Proposed Settlements also require the Settling Defendants to modify the label of any coffee products labeled as “Kona” or “Kona Blend" and require Gold to create labeling requirements for Costco’s and TJX’s vendors of such coffee products.


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